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Philmelodia Club Presents “Verzuz” Battle – Promises to be Entertaining

Philmelodia Club Presents “Verzuz” Battle – Promises to be Entertaining

Photo Credit: Philmelodia Club

By: Kedice Reid

Mandeville, Jamaica- Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Philmelodia Club debut “Verzuz” showcasing the vocal abilities of students of NCU coming Sunday, October 11, 2020, on Instagram LIVE.

In a recent interview with the Hilltop Trumpet, VP of Philmelodia’s Social affair, Ashleigh Cummings said in this “Verzuz” battle with Raybetz Vs. Geovanni the public should expect great singing, great energy and just overall good vibes.

“Each singer is presented with four genres: RnB, Pop, Reggae and Gospel. They were told to each pick one song from each genre and also a song of their choice bringing the total to five songs each. They will then be singing the songs they choose in rounds based on the genres,” said Cummings.

“We have two friends, both exceptional singers with different singing styles, who have worked together before, going head to head, doing what they love to do and frankly, what we love to hear. We also have a phenomenal musician who will be backing them. We’re aiming at giving the highest quality in every aspect to the viewers,” she explained.

According to Cummings, this battle is purely for fun and not as a competition. Additionally, she states this is just the first of many to come from the Philmelodia Club.

“The aim of this Verzuz is not to put two persons against each other but to celebrate the singers as well as the musicians that God has blessed NCU with.  We intend to have a Verzuz every month for the entire school year. We plan to not only have singers but to also feature musicians and even poets that are current and past students of NCU. We also plan to have themed nights and intend on bringing new and fresh talent to the forefront.

When life gets back to normal, we even hope to continue this event, making it open to a live audience. We want to give not only the students of NCU but people all over, something to look forward to each month,” she continued.

She further explained that this event should bring some much-needed excitement to the school; especially in these time of the pandemic.  

“In times such as these, it is easy to feel as if your University life is passing you by. We know that the entire university experience is not just school work, its also the socializing, the concerts, the different events held on campus that bring excitement and joy. Remote learning doesn’t have to mean we don’t get to enjoy these things. It was also made with the intention of being an outlet for musicians and music lovers alike, where people can come and enjoy this universal language that brings us together.”

The contestants, Raheim Betty and Geovanni Baker are both students in the Department of Communication Studies. Follow and join the Philmelodia Club events on their Instagram page @Philmelodia_clubbb.

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