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Jump Trip – The Dangerous Popular Social Media Prank

Jump Trip – The Dangerous Popular Social Media Prank

|Racquel McKenzie

The Ministry of education, Youth and Culture has cautioned its stakeholders to be on the lookout for the popular social media prank called jump trip and has also advised that necessary precautions be made to stem this dangerous act.

The ministry notes that in this challenge, students encourage their peers to compete in the tripping jump challenge which includes three persons.

Additionally, the three individuals are placed in a horizontal pattern with the individual in the middle unaware of what will happen.

“The persons on both ends give the impression that all three persons will be jumping but instead, the two persons on either side use their feet to trip the middle child who innocently jumps, causing that person to fall to the floor,” the ministry said.

The ministry also noted that the prank is a horrific act and demonstrates a lack of good judgement on the part of those involved and should not be tolerated.

“Students are partaking in the prank, not realizing that a fall of such nature can cause serious physical, mental and emotional damage with great legal and financial implications,”

The ministry further noted that schools should ensure that parents are made aware of the situation and their support enlisted in reiterating, among students, the importance of respect for each other, the need for empathy and for every child to feel and be safe as well as to use social media responsibly.

The ministry said it stands ready to provide assistance to schools to ensure that the practice ceases immediately.



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