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|Shanecka Brown

On her Instagram page she goes by the name “Well.Versatile”, the term versatile is fitting indeed as she truly lives up to the definition.

Zaria Lawson studies Nursing at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and she represents her faculty well. She is a past student of the Herbert Morrison Technical High School and she has a lot up her sleeves. Who would have thought that Nursing and Dub-Poetry would make an awesome duo?

Zaria enjoys writing dub-poetry which requires her to step out of her comfort zone. It is as if she has two personalities. Zaria expressed that she is calm and reserved in social settings, however, she has a fierce and undeniable personality whenever she hits the stage.

In unfamiliar settings, she may not say much, but she is not to be underestimated. She uses dub-poetry as a way to escape and express herself. In fact, she won the “Mingle and Jingle Talent Show” which was hosted by NCU’s Social Work Association. It does not end there; she has confessed that she has performed at almost all major events.

Miss Lawson has proven her versatility as she managed to make the Principal’s Honour Roll. However, on an ordinary day you may find her dancing, watching YouTube and Netflix and of course writing poems.

Zaria Lawson expressed gratitude to her grandmother who she believed kept her going throughout her successes.


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