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|LaTeasha Colquhoun
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MANDEVILLE- In Jamaica, Sex Education is not a topic that is frequently taught in schools. There is always mixed reviews on whether it should or should not be taught. On Thursday October 17 at the Northern Caribbean University’s (NCU) Gymnatorium, a special assembly session was held for females under the broad topic “Sex”.

Guest Speaker, Director of Children, Adolescent, Women and Family Ministry at the Jamaica Union, trained teacher and conflict analysis and resolution expert, Dr. Lorraine Vernal encouraged females present to learn and understand more about their sexuality and embrace the thought that they are all sexual beings who will naturally at some pint possess sexual desires. “What does sex mean to you”, is the question Vernal asked, which in response received loud chatter in the gymnatorium of the ladies discussng it with their friends or just laughing because they heard the word, sex.

This is what Vernal wanted to try and prevent, she wanted them to know that it is OK to talk about sex, it is OK to say the word sex. Vernal said “a simple way to start the chat is with yourself. Take some time to privately explore the parts of your own body.” said Vernal.

Though Vernal wants students to be more knowledgeable about sex and their sexuality, she also wants them to learn the importance of taking the necessary steps to prevent sexually transmitted infections or for those who are not yet married, practice abstinence.

Vernal wishes for all ladies to learn to appreciate their bodies, explore their own bodies and to stay in tuned with their sexuality. As Director of Children, Adolescent, Women and Family Mnistry at the Jamaica Union,Vernal wishes to empower her fellow sisters to see their full potential and act accordingly, while keeping in mind Phillipians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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